This was recovered from the D facility inside the Kongz Lab Corporation.


The community will receive giveaways of pieces of Ethereum, an effort to control the virus spread inside the Blockchain.


. Mutant Kongz Lab Decentraland Airdrops

. To continue to build the resources to find the cure for all mutations, we will create a Merch Store, to sell unique articles for fans of these mutants.


. 50 Ethereum fully invested in the community wallet to promote community events, marketing and develop the roadmap.


Airdrop(free of charge) of a serum NFT to cure mutants from our current collection. This token, with 3 levels of radiation, based on the number of binary Mutants, created on the first collection, will be the key asset for a brand-new collection of Kongz free of radiation.



Mutant Kongz Lab

Run, before the scientists realize that something is missing. This is your moment to become a true mutant.